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People Connection

People Connection is where is the action is! It is the social center of the system. Here you can meet other Q-Link members, compete in game tournoments, attend club meetings, get a front row seat at lectures given by experts and much more!


People Connection is divided into rooms. Each room may contain up to 23 people. When first enter People Connection, you automatically go to one of the Q-Link Lobbies. From here you can go to another occupied room, or create a new room. To do so, press F7 and select "List all occupied public rooms" or "Change rooms or enter Box Office."

You may choose to create a private room and invite your friends to join you. Private room names are not listed. Other Q-Link members will not know of their existence unless you personally invite them to a room.

The Auditorium

The Q-Link Auditorium is a special room that is used for forums hosted by guest speakers and special meetings. To get a schedule of upcoming events or to make reservations, press F7, select "Change rooms or enter Box Office," and then select "Enter the Box Office."

To enter the Auditorium, press F7, select "Change rooms or enter Box Office" and then select "Enter the Auditorium" by pressing F1. The Auditorium is only open during scheduled events. Only your name and the name of the guest speaker will appear on your screen, even though there are many others who are also attending the event.

In the Auditorium, you may ask questions of the speaker. Open discussion is not permitted. You may ask your question by pressing F7 and selecting "Ask a question." Your question will be sent to the speaker and will be answered in the order received.

Keeping In Touch With Your Friends

Trying to find one of your Q-Link friends? Select "Locate someone," and Q-Link will tell you whether that person is currently signed on and, if so where that personal is currently located on Q-Link.

To find out where someone lives, press F7 and select "Identify Someone."

Multi-player Games

Q-Link's games may only be played online with another Q-Link member. All games are in full color and may have sound too! Your Q-Link disk includes at least two games -- Hangman and SeaStrike. If you would like additional Q-Link games, go to the Q-Link store in THE MALL.

Starting A Game

Select "Play or observe an online game" and then select "Start a game." Next, select the game you wish to play by pressing F1. Enter the name of the person(s) you want to play with and press RETURN. NOTE: Your opponent must be in the same room with you.

Q-Link will then send a game invitation to the person you specify. Follow the online prompts and have fun!

If you cannot find a game partner, Q-Link will help you! Just select "Ask Q-Link to find partners" and a game invitation will be sent to everyone online.

If you do not want to be interrupted by game invitations, select "Remove me from locate consideration,."

Game Instructions

The games are fun to play and easy to learn. Online instructions are available for many of the games by pressing F7 and selecting "Game Instructions."

Habitat (Expected October 1986)

Habitat is a revolutionary multi-player full color graphics game developed by Lucasfilm, Ltd. and only available to QuantumLink subscribers.

Once you enter the world of Habitat you will take on the physical attributes of an "on-screen" character refered to as an Avatar. Avatars can explore various regions such as parks, beaches, and street corners and communicate with other Avatars (Q-Link members) from around the country. Avatars also have the ability to change their clothing and re-decorate their living space at your command.

To participate in this interactive entertainent experience you will need to use a Habitat game disk and a joystick.

Casino (Expected October 1986)

Rabbit Jack's Casino takes you back to the old west gambling days with a variety of casino style games. Slow machines with progressive jackpots, five card stud poker, bingo, and blackjack use realistic Las Vegas odds to try your luck out.

While in the casino, you can hold conversations with other players and even order drinks. But be careful part of the reality behind this game is the element of surprise where anything can be a gamble.

Complete instructions for all games and game options are available online in the Customer Service Center and Just For Fun departments.

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