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News & Information

REUTERS News Service

Get all the latest news, updated every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. National and international news, weather, business news, stock market summaries, most active stocks, and other indicators.

Personal Finance

Here's help in managing your personal finances. Susan Bondy on Money, Taking Stock by Malcolm Berko, and USA Today's Personal Finance News Summary will keep you up-to-date and informed on the changing world of IRAs, wills mortgages, and other subjects close to your wallet.

Sports Report

Keep up with your favorite teams and athletes with USA Today's Sports Update, and join other sports enthusiasts in the ongoing discussions in The Grandstand.

Entertainment News

Get the latest news on happenings in movies, music and TV. Screen Gems offers insightful movies reviews from our resident expert. Users can also add their critques of the latests releases. Soap Opera Summaries will keep you abreast of the continuing daytime sagas. Hollywood Hotline offers the latest news from the movie, TV, music industry as well as tidbits on your favorite celebrities.

Express Yourself!

Here you will find Q-Link's debating society where you can give your opinion in our current events polls, add your two-cents worth to surveys about Q-Link services, or enter into lively discussion with callers. In express Yourself! you'll find Point/Counterpoint, a club dedicated to the art and science of debate. read the provocative debate topics in USA Today's Issues and Debates section, and express yourself on the Point/Counterpoint Message Board, or join the live discussion in the Conference room.

Child Find

A public service area set aside to help in the heartbreaking task of tracing lost or missing children. David Sawyer (David S8), with the cooperation of several organizations, has digitized pictures of missing or lost chldren and made them available for downloading.

Each child's picture includes personal details necessary for indentifying and aiding the child. Each month a new set of pictures will be available, and notices will be posted when a child is found.

Auditorium Archives

Complete transcripts of all Q-Link Auditorium events are available for you to download and save.

To get your personal transcript of an Auditorium event, select the name of your transcript you are interested in, and a brief description will be displayed. If you want a copy of the transcript, press F7, select "Download this item", and follow the instructions.

To view the downloaded transcript, disconnect from Q-Link and load "SPRINT," a sequential file program by Jit Kitzing, by typing LOAD "SPRINT",8 and then RUN

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