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Just For Fun

CIN News And Information

CIN News provides conference schedules, an overview of CIN services, and keeps you informed of new and exciting features on the Network.

Questions, Answers And Comments

This is where you can get answers to your software, hardware and programming questions, or share information with other Q-Linkers.

Commodore Hotline

The Hotline is your direct connection to Commodore. Use the Hotline to ask Commodore a question, or search the database of information from Commodore to answer your question on the spot.

Software Libraries

Thousands of free programs, ranging from games to disk utilities are available in libraries. You can also upload your own programs for others to use.

New Product Information

Well-known author and programmer Robert Baker offers the latest information on new C64, 128 and Amiga software and hardware.

Magazine Rack

"Magazine Rack" offers articles and programs published in popular Commodore magazines including hundreds of RUN Magazine's MAGIC tricks....A Q-Line exclusive.

User Group Center

The "User Group Center" is of inerest to User Group officers and members, as well as those who are thinking about joining or starting a group. Join the User Group Exchange, a national user group support network.

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