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Customer Service Center

What's New

Get up-to-the-minute information about new services and special QuantumLink events. This area includes Today's Best Bets, Don't Miss, a monthly schedule of events (conferences, meetings, forums, etc.), as well as Q-Link Tournament information.

Service And Billing Information

We will keep you up-to-date on all the services you QuantumLink subscription offers you. Be sure and read "About Billing" for important information regarding your Q-Link bill. Select "Show Current Billing Summary" to review your current charges, or select "Show Last Month's Bill" to review your charges for the previous month. NOTE: Current billing does not reflect the charges for the current session you are in.

Talk To Q-Link

Get instant answers to your questions, or leave suggestions for Q-Link improvements.

Add/Delete Users Names

You may add user names for other members of your family, or for yourself. To add a name, select "Create An Additional User Name." To delete an existing user name, and select "Delete a User Name."

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot delete your original user name. You may have up to 5 active names at any given time.

Online User's Guide

This online guide provides you with up-to-date helpful information on how to use QuantumLink including game instructions, how to upload and download programs and a list of local access phone numbers.

Terms Of Service

Please review the "Terms of Service" for information regarding current operation policies and procedures.

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