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Commodore Software Showcase

The Commodore Software Showcase is the home of Q-Links extensive software libraries. Here's where you'll find thousands of useful programs ranging from education to entertainment.

Software Previews

Have you ever wished that you could try a new software package BEFORE you buy it? Well, now you can! Software Previews lets you try our popular new software from the comfort of your own home

Each month a slection of new software programs is available for you to preview. Dozens of publishers are making samples of their most popular software avaliable for you to download and try.

Free Software!

Qlink's Public Domain Software Libraries contain thousands of FREE programs that you can download and keep. You can alos upload software which you have created. There are software libraries for beginners, art, music, and telecommunications as well as for the Commodore 128 and Amiga computers.

Software Reviews

Read informative reviews of the most popular software. It's a great way to find out what people are saying about the latest software.

Educational Software

If you are looking for geography, history, business or any other type of educational software, you've come to the right place. The Showcase contains a complete library of educational software published by Commodore.

How To Download Software

it's easy to get programs from the Q-Link software libraries.

  1. Select:
    • Commodore Software Showcase from the department menu.
    • the Library you are interested in.
    • the software category you are interested in.
  2. Use the cursor key to move to the checkmark to the title you would like to download.
  3. A description of that program will be displayed on your screen
  4. After reading the description, press F7 for the menu. You'll be able to read comments about the file, get documentation, or download the program.
  5. To download the program, select DOWNLOAD THIS FILE
  6. Follow the online prompts.

How To Upload Software

  1. Select
    • Commodore Software Showcase
    • Public Domain Software Libraries
    • Submit A New File
    Please make sure that the program is in the public domain. Copyrighted software will not be posted.
  2. Enter the anme of the file you want to upload please be sure to enter the file name exactly as it appears on your disk.
  3. Type a description of the program. Please be sure to include the following information.
    • State how many disk blocks it is.
    • Make the description VERY CLEAR as to what exactly is in the program
    • Include instructions on how to load the program.
  4. Press F7 for menu and select SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO Q-LINK
  5. Follow the online prompts.

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