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Whilst we all love a good game of online bingo at our favourite bingo sites, we also enjoy visiting our favourite bingo club(s) once in a while. The thing is though, it can often be difficult to find a good club, especially if your in an area you don’t know, or have never visited a bingo club before. That’s where the Tiny Tickle bingo club directory comes in.

Based on official government data, the Tiny Tickle bingo club directory features over 650 premises in the UK that are licenced to offer bingo. The directory includes every single bingo club, amusement arcade and holiday park in the UK that are officially licenced by their local authorities to offer games. We’re confident that you won’t find a bigger bingo club directory anywhere else.

Each of our listings includes full contact information for each club (address, phone number, website, email address) as well social media information (Twitter, Facebook). Our directory even tells you which local authority has granted a club it’s licence (useful if you’ve got a complaint!), as well as the company that owns the bingo club. We’ve even got interactive maps to help you find the club you want to visit. For most places, we have also collated session start times for bingo games in the morning, afternoon and evening. No matter what information you are after in regards to bingo clubs, we’ve got it!

You can browse all of the bingo clubs in our directory via location, starting  at country level (England) and drill down through country areas (South East England), counties (Hampshire) and towns (Southampton). We’ve included a few examples so you know what we mean!

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Not only can you find contact and game information for each club in our directory, you can also read and leave player reviews. Do you know of a fantastic bingo club? Perhaps you’ve visited a club that wasn’t so great? Let us and our thousands of monthly visitors know! Just look for the form on the bottom of every day page and leave your review, it will only take you a couple of seconds.

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